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Hot classic SUV Chevy Blazer | Best Vintage Suv Series # 1

The Ford Bronco is the most sizzling great SUV out there. That is still valid, just now it has organization as the original K5 Chevrolet Blazer begin to make up for lost time with its prevalence. At Barrett-Jackson’s 2019 Scottsdale closeout, a few breakout deals propose the Blazer is–and pardon us this play on words blasting hot.

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Best Vintage Suv Series # 2 

The eight 1969-72 Blazers and Jimmys sold, each and every one went for over its suitable Hagerty Price Guide rating for the condition. This 1972 model with its unique motor went for $72,600, 25 percent more than #1 condition (Concours) and practically twofold that of #2 condition (phenomenal) esteem. The most reduced number at Barrett-Jackson was $44,000. ( via : )

SUV - classic
Blazer 1969 K5 old classic luxury suv

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