Bollinger Motors B1 SUV Electric Off-Roader

It’s known as the B1 and it’s made by Bollinger Motors, a little startup in upstate New York. With looks that fall somewhere close to the Land Rover Defender and a great Jeep Wrangler, the insignificant, Boxy Suv Truck is equipped for 200 miles of going romping range.

Bollinger Motors is a little fire up situated in Hobart, New York. Set up in 2014, the firm decided to make the world’s first all-electric SUV, reason worked to be an extreme all-electric off roader. With the eventual fate of the inward burning motor still being referred to, Bollinger looks to satisfy the specialty of brushing the moment control conveyance advantages of electric engines with rough terrain ability. At the point when four-wheeling, torque is a generally excellent companion to have, particularly if it’s provided in a flash.

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cool loking suv - boxy suv
bollinger electric suv boxy cars

Based on an exceptionally created all-aluminum edge reinforced by a high-quality, low-combination (HLSA) steel rollover-safe skeleton, the Bollinger B1 measures in at 150 x 76.5 x 73.5 inches. That makes it only a couple of shades littler than a standard Land Rover Defender 90 by around seven crawls in each

The Bollinger Motors electric B1 model is bigger as a general rule than it looks in photographs. From the outset, the truck puts on a show of being a cutting edge take on an old Series Land Rover or possibly a Jeep CJ. Be that as it may, if the reasonable association with utilitarian vintage rough terrain drivers is promptly clear in the B1’s section sides and ruler-straight lines, it has an in-person nearness more in accordance with, state, a military Hummer.

bollinger suv
bollinger b1 interior


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