Best Hybrid Suvs 2020

top 5 hybrid suv 2020

2020 Lincoln Aviator

Lincoln Aviator SUV is a midsize luxury, ideal for people who want a stylish three-row vehicle. Fits in size and price among the most popular style Nautilus and Navigator.The Lincoln AWD Grand Touring is, starting at $ 69,895 and comes with a hybrid 3.0L V6 Turbo and AWD.

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2020 Ford Explorer hybrid

2020 Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a name synonymous with the SUV. The six-generation Explorer launched with the 2020 cool suv and continues to evolve. The most popular style is the 4WD Limited, which starts at $ 51,625 and comes with a 2.3L I4 Turbo engine and all-wheel drive. This browser is estimated to deliver 21 mpg city and 28 mpg on the highway.

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2020 toyota highlander hybrid

2020 Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander continues to be one of the strongest competitors in the SUV segment 3-row. Toyota a more stylish exterior and better fuel economy and more advanced features and better cargo capacity.The most popular style is the luxury hybrid SUV XLE AWD, which starts at $ 43,775 and comes with a hybrid 2.5L I4 and AWD engine.

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2020 Toyota RAV4 hybrid

2020 Toyota RAV4

Refined and comfortable living, the Toyota RAV4 is one of the best compact sport utility on the market. Although not mean exactly the service off the road, available all-wheel drive of the RAV4 makes it a good choice for dirt roads and bad weather. Fuel economy is excellent, especially with the hybrid. The most popular style is the Hybrid Limited AWD, which starts at $ 38.055 and comes with a 2.5L I4 hybrid engine and all wheel drive.

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2020 Ford Escape hybrid

2020 Ford Escape

Escape is Ford’s compact SUV, and has been redesigned for model year 2020. In addition, hybrid variants returns after a pause, and a plug-in hybrid joins the most popular style is the hybrid lineup.The titanium FWD , which starts at $ 34,795 and comes with a 2.5L I4 hybrid engine and front wheel drive. This escape is estimated to deliver 44 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway.

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