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If it is something inconspicuous to suit your lifestyle and help to survive an attack from the possibility of small firearms or something that must remain intact in most points hazardous access the world, someone does something suitable for the purpose.

Terradyne Ghurka Armored SUV

Canada Terradyne Ghurka is designed to be easy to keep time providing all the features law enforcement may need. It runs on 6.7 liter turbo-diesel torque-heavy V8 and comes with a set of standard features and options including tires run FLAT-, an integrated, mesh-protected windows, capstan one thermal imaging camera, an internal configurable, and fire extinguishing system for the engine compartment, wheels, and interior.

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conquest knight xv armored suv

Conquest Knight XV Armored Class Vehicle

Knight XV Conquest is a monster that is built with the right armor in the manufacturing plant. What remains is a shielded class vehicle housing a V10 6.8 liter Ford with 326 HP and 462 lb-ft of torque, a set of tires MPT Continental, ballistic glass long, and it takes about 4,000 hours for building hand.

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rhino Gx armored suv

Rhino GX luxury armored suv

Best boxy and muscular in his posture, Rhino GX is one of the biggest and top expensive suv on the market today. Not to mention the real resemblance of the tank, this best SUV houses the power and off-road prowess to support him as well. In addition, a muscular exterior is complemented by an interior complete. Luxury with a system of high quality entertainment, navigation system SmartNav 5, and luxurious leather seats.

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