2020 Suzuki Jimny Review

Small and Boxy Off-Roader

While not a household name in the USA, for 50 years the diminutive Suzuki Jimny has become a bit of a legend off the road. Suzuki has not sold cars in the United States since 2012, but before the withdrawal, the brand enjoyed some success with the Samurai and Sidekick SUVs. Despite strong sales of these two small sport-utes, including lower-than-Samurai Jimny they never did in the United States. A new Jimny arrived in 2018 and the latest version of the small SUV Suzuki remains charmingly authentic as a box of off-road capable wee.

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A simple and squared off design makes it look tougher than its predecessor, but the grille and round headlights borrowed heavily from the first generation Jimny. At the Jimnys like all before it, the new one is small.

2020 off roader - best suv
2020 suzuki jimny off roader suv

The old Jimny lasted an amazing 20 years selling. In those two decades three things booming in popularity: SUV, downsizing, and retro. So the new Jimny, with engines of 1.5-liter petrol and functional design honest, it looks like a masterstroke.

suzuki suv - 4x4
2020 suzuki jimny

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