2009 Hummer H2 Luxury Large Boxy SUV

At the point when you consider square shaped trucks, the 2009 Hummer H2 needs to make the rundown. When a staple of GM’s Hummer image lineup, the H2 is a full-size body-on-outline SUV with fabulous rough terrain capacity, troubling mileage, and a 393-drive V8 under its hood.

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It was likewise accessible as the 2009 Hummer H2 SUT pickup, which includes a modest bed that could be ventured into the lodge by bringing down the team taxi’s second column of seats and a bulkhead at the front of the bed.

Everything about the boxy suv Hummer H2 family is intended to be somewhat ludicrous. It begins with a front-end that is enlivened by the military HMMWV (humvee) and Hummer H1 and courses through every last bit of the H2’s structure. The move switch inside the H2 could serve as the throttle for the Queen Mary.

hummer H2 - large suv - luxury
hummer h2 luxur large suv
2009 hummer suv
2009 Hummer H2 luxury suv inside

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